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The Boombox Returns
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Written by Ian Sanders   

Boombox @ Ctphers Center for Urban Arts Phoenix, AZThe Boombox was an idea created by B-Boy House Magana of Furious Styles and Danny Skooby Morales of Break Street. It was their dream to create a place where once a month dancers and dance enthusiasts of all ages could meet and showcase their styles. The concept was a good one and grew in popularity until it abruptly ended. On July 14th, 2012 The Boombox returned.

The Boombox's new home is the ever popular Cyphers Center for Urban Arts, and is much more than just a battle or a cypher. The feeling of community in this event was refreshing and it provided the perfect environment for dancers of different styles to meet and share their style. This being my first Boombox I wasn't sure what to expect, but it proved to be an enlightening experience. Although, I have personally been in the B-Boy community for years and am very familiar with Breakin' and Poppin', my knowledge of Jerkin' and Krumpin' are very limited. The vibe, moves, and intricacies of these styles were completely different.

Of course The Boombox is more than just a dance showcase. The battles were broken into 4 categories: Breakin', Poppin', Krumpin', and Jerkin'. The first round of each style was set up as a cypher and the entire crowd was asked to participate by getting out of their seats and circling up. Each dancer pit their skills against everyone else in the cypher and had to leave it all on the dance floor to prove they deserved to move on to the finals for a chance to win the $100 prize.


Boombox @ Ctphers Center for Urban Arts Phoenix, AZOf all the cypher rounds the most energetic by far was the Krumpin' battle. It was the perfect display of organized chaos. The dynamic aggressive style hyped up the crowd and the crowd gave it right back. Just a few minutes into the cypher and the whole building was getting hyphy.

After the cyphers were over the finalists remained with B-Boy Neo and B-Boy Gravity representing Breaking, Lobo and D.O.C. representing Popping, Bass and Big Serious representing Krumping, and Sherman Williams and Boi Ghost representing Jerking. Before the finals got underway there was a raffle for a Lasonic Boombox. This is a raffle that will be held at each and every Boombox, hence the name. Once the winner of the raffle had been chosen the finals started with the judge of each style showcasing their skills before each final round. B-Boy House, J-Boogie, Big Ghost, and Kannon all put it down and showed why they deserved the right to judge their respective battles.

Boombox @ Ctphers Center for Urban Arts Phoenix, AZThe final rounds for each style were fire, and in the end B-Boy Gravity, D.O.C., Big Serious, and Boi Ghost all took the W in their styles. That was not the end though. Not for the Boombox. There was one more exhibition to help promote respect between styles. The Poppers and the Krumpers went head to head in an impromptu battle. What made the exhibition interesting was not just the difference in the styles, but after a couple of rounds the battle took an unexpected turn. As expected the DJ started by spinning tracks that each side was familiar with. This was until J-Boogie made the announcement that each style would have to dance to the other style's tracks. Now the Poppers were dancing to Krumpin' tracks and the Krumpers were dancing to Poppin' tracks. The change took the dancers out of their comfort zone and forced them to make adjustments if they were going to rep their style. Everyone in the battle rose to the occasion and after it was all said and done it was all love.

The Boombox will continue every 2nd Saturday at Cyphers Center for Urban Arts located at 9201 N 29th Ave # 36  Phoenix, AZ 85051. You can get more info on Cyphers at

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