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Rock The Freshest 06-23-12
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Written by Ian Sanders   

Rock The Freshest @ Skrappy's Tucson, AZWhat do you do when a staple in the AZ hip-hop community is forced to close down? You bring dancers, DJ's, and Emcees from across the state and beyond to come together one last time and see who can Rock The Freshest. With Skrappy's Tucson Youth Collective in Tucson, AZ shutting its doors after being open 17 years this is exactly what local legend Nate The Killa Robot did.

Skrappy's has been more than just a venue for national Hip-Hop acts,  also serving as a place where youths could meet and enjoy the various genres of music and art in a safe drug and alcohol free environment.  It was also a second home for many to hone their skills whether it be on the floor, the turn tables, the mic, or whatever their creative outlet was. With personal tragedy causing Skrappy's owner Kathy Woodridge to close down, Nate wanted to make sure that he was able to throw one more Jam to commemorate all the time and hard work he and others in the community had put into keeping Skrappy's doors open. With the Rock The Freshest Battle the Tucson Dance Scene was able to get some closure and the opportunity to say good bye.


Rock The Freshest @ Skrappy's Tucson, AZRock the Freshest was the first jam I had been to with call out battles to determine the brackets. It began with the 2 on 2 b-boy teams. There was a cypher session where crews could call each other out at any time. Based on the call out battles the judges narrowed it down to the final 8 crews that would continue. Once the 8 crews were decided a crew name was drawn from a hat and that crew called out any of the remaining crews. The crew that was called out decided how many rounds the battle would go. When asked about the layout Nate said, "We decided to do the battles like that so that there were no politics. It wasn't like a normal competition, and it was up to the crews to call out who they wanted to battle and give everything if they wanted to win it." The layout worked well and all the crew gave everything the had. AFter 2 rounds of battles it was B-Boy Gravity and B-Boy Skaby facing off against Master Mace and B-Boy C-Rock in the finals. The Battle was dope and the judges Miracles (fresh out of retirement), Thesis. and Lil Rock work cut out for them. When the smoke cleared Gravity and Skaby took the win.

Rock The Freshest @ Skrappy's Tucson, AZBetween the battles there was a guest performance by Blesd One, a former resident of Tucson who holds a special place in his heart for Skrappy's and the Tucson scene. The performance was all love. Not only was it a dope performance, but Blesd's love for the scene showed when he told the B-boys to cypher it up during the performance, and even jumped in and rocked the cypher himself before jumping back on stage.

The 1 on 1 All Styles battle was probably one of the oddest I've ever seen. I think the way it went had something to do with time constraints.It began with several cypher heats to decide who would actually hold a place on the bracket. Once that was decided the battle was similar to the B-Boy Battle so the battlers got to call out one another and pick how many rounds they would go. Once the 1 on 1's were done it went back to a cypher format for the semi-finals and then a 1 on 1 with the 2 best dancers from the semi-finals cypher. The final battle was decent and Addison Johnson finished on top.

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