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The Get Off Skools Out
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Written by Ian Sanders   

The Get Off Skools Out Cyphers Center For Urban ArtsSchool is out, and the summer has begun. To celebrate, Ghost Boi put together The Get Off Skools Out 1 on 1 Jerkin' and Open Styles Battle @ Cyphers Center for Urban Arts 9201 N 29th Ave #36 Phoenix, AZ 85051. If you have not been to Cyphers it is a complete dance and hip-hop resource, hosting classes with everything from Popping and B-Boying to Art, DJing and Zumba.

The Get Off was one of the smaller battles I've been to, but reminded me of the small local school b-boy battles from back in the day. The crowd was much younger too, largely due to the Jerkin' Battles. Jerkin' is a fairly new dance style and was made popular by artists like the New Boyz who pretty much started the Jerkin' movement with their song "You're a Jerk". Jerkin'The Get Off Skools Out Cyphers Center For Urban Artsis definitely a style that the younger generation of dancers has latched on to. Although there were a lot of youths in the audience that new how to Jerk, they were hesitant to sign up.  Because of that this portion of the battle was almost canceled. Thanks largely in part to Johnny (the host for the evening) the 8 contestant minimum was reached and the battle was on.

I know a lot about B-boying and Open Styles battles because I have been around them for years, but Jerkin' was completely different. It was fun watching the movements from the contestants and every one of them had their own unique style. I am not sure how the judges made their decisions, but in the finals it came down to G-Fry and Highlight. After a great battle from both contestants Highlight walked away with the win. View video of the Jerkin' Battle Finals.


Shakeer and Leah of 5'FootaThrillAZ face off The Get Off @ Cyphers Center for Urban ArtsIt was a 5'FootaThrillAZ invasion in the Open Style Battles. Not only did members of this dance crew fill most of the spots in the competition with 3 of them moving on to the later rounds, but in the finals 2 of 5'FootaThrillAZ best faced off. Johnny was just about to start the final battle when special guest JBoogie made his appearance. Jeff "Jboogie" Kelley is a locking, popping, house & all styles world champion. If you haven't heard of him...YouTube it.

After JBoogie made his entrance, and a few jokes,  he took his seat as guest judge and the battle began. RaeRae LaFemme and Shakeer are both great Open Style competitors and this was a top notch battle. TTheir styles matched up evenly, but Shakeer narrowly won. Or so we thought. No one noticed that, although JBoogie was a guest judge. BBoy House was still a judge as well...just no one saw him there. Because his decision made it a tie everyone got to see one more round. With DJ Toxic spinning "Suavemente" by Elvis Crespo it came down to who had the most latin flavah. RaeRae had a good set, but Shakeer rocked it like a true boricua and took the win. View video from the Open Styles Finals.

You can view the upcoming schedule of battles and classes for Cyphers @ To view photos of the entire event visit the Photo Gallery under Hip Hop 2012.

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