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The Get Off/Rock The Freshest
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Written by Ian Sanders   

The Get Off/Rock The Freshest

Arizona is known for its heat and cacti, but no one really thinks about the rich dance culture that is constantly growing here. There are two Hip-Hop events coming up that will showcase some of the best dancers that AZ has to offer. The first is "The Get Off: Skools Out" and the second is Rock The Freshest. The Get Off Skools Out"The Get Off" is a Jerkin' and Open Style 1 on 1 Battle. Jerkin' is a fairly new dance style and was made popular by artists like the New Boyz who pretty much started the Jerkin' movement with their song "You're a Jerk". Jerkin' is definitely a style that the younger generation of dancers has latched on to and there are many Crews that specialize in this form of dance. The Open Styles 1 on 1 Battle is always sick. Think of America's Best Dance Crew on a local level. In fact it was these types of competitions that helped the Elektrolytes, America's Best Dance Crew Finalists, to hone their skills to compete on a National level. With the amount of Dance Studios starting up competition has never been stiffer. Come out to Cyphers Center for Urban Arts 9201 N 29th Ave #36 Phoenix, AZ 85051 on June 16th and see what AZ Dance is all about.

Rock The Freshest B-Boy Jam Tucson, AZThe weekend following "The Get Off" brings us Rock The Freshest in Tucson, AZ. This is a full B-Boy Battle. Do not expect to see Jerkin', Krumpin', or any of the other newer forms of dance here. This is strictly for the B-Boys and B-Girls to face off. The B-Boy/B-Girl Battle is being put together by 2 local legends, Thesis and Nate The Killa Robot. It is fitting that this Battle is being thrown by 2 of Tucson's finest since this will be the last Battle held at Skrappy's Tucson Youth Collective. Skrappy's has been a Hip-Hop beacon in Tucson, not only hosting National Hip-Hop acts, but also serving as a place where youths can meet and enjoy the various genres of music and art in a safe drug and alcohol free environment. We will miss Skrappy's, but will get one last chance to see a great battle in a historic venue. Skrappy's is located at 191 E Toole Ave Tucson, AZ 85701. Join us and let's see who can really Rock the Freshest.




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