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Who's the IllAZ?!
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Written by Ian Sanders   

Who's The IllAZ?! Battle and Showcase

This multi-level hip-hop fundraising event was held at Phoenix Center of the Arts on June 2nd and 3rd by the AZ branch of Rock Steady Crew, an icon in the breakin' community. Arian Shadoe Tontowi put the event together and it was a great success. When asked, Shadoe stated that his goal was to put together an event for his crew with a small battle as a precursor to the Rock Steady Anniversary. The event kept growing and changing as he planned it out and after all was said and done Who's The IllAZ was born. The event included a 3on3 Breaking Battle, 2on2 Popping Battle, Cyphers, Dance Showcases by some of the Best Crews in the nation, and sounds provided by Cre One, DV One, Tok Sik, and Skeme Richards.


In the 3on3 B-Boy Battle, F2D, For The Love Crew, and 5Crew Dynasty all made it to the semi-finals. To clear up any misconception, For The Love Crew had to 2 teams in this event. The semi-finals were fire and F2D faced off against one of the For The Love teams while 5Crew Dynasty went head to head against the other For The Love Crew. In the end only 1 For The Love Crew remained, battling it out in the finals with F2D. Although Nate The Killa Robot and B-Boy Rock only had a 2 man team the battle was close. In the end though B-Boy Scaby, B-Boy Argenis, and B-Boy Numb of For The Love Crew took home the win.

The B-Boy Battles and the Popping Battles were held on different levels simultaneously, but we were still able to catch the semi-finals and the explosive final battle. The semi-finals of the 2on2 Popping Battle came down to Funky Souls vs Leah and RaeRae from the Jukebox Studio and a 3 way battle between Kannon and Lost Boy, Minh-Thu (out of Canada) and Killa K-Lee, and Confusion and Mista Groove. All the battles were ill especially sets dropped by Minh-Thu and the next generation Killa K-Lee, but once the dust settled it was Funky Souls vs Confusion and Mista Groove of Furious Styles Crew. The final battle was heated. These two crews pulled out all the stops. In fact it was so close that the judges, Sweepy and Armani of Rock Steady Crew, called ties 3 times before a winner was finally decided. Even though Furious Styles Crew came with it, Funky Souls got the win.

Day 2 was a lot more relaxed. It was a day to watch some of the best dance crews from around AZ showcase their skills. Among them were H2M, FAYA, Lipstik Crew, Evolution, BeatKillAZ, Elektrolyttles, Handled Fam, Epik Dance Co, 5' Foota ThrillAZ, Automatic Response, and special performances by Bail Rock and the entire Rock Steady Crew. All the crews did a great job, and it was a chance to see the skills of Bail Rock, Jeromskee, Armani, and Sweepy live. An opportunity that, if you missed Day 1, doesn't come up too often.

Shadoe did a great job with this event, and it was even said that this was one of the biggest events held at the Phoenix Center For the Arts. With the help of a great team and the support of the dance community, Rock Steady showed who the IllAZ really is. To view photos from the event visit the Photo Gallery.

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