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Club Red/Red Owl Tempe, AZ
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Written by Ian Sanders   
Club Red Red Owl Tempe, AZ

Club Red/Red Owl
2155 E University Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281




General Overview: Club Red/Red Owl is a great spot for live music. Typically the performances are Hip-Hop artists. On the club Red side there is a large stage for performances. There is also a large dance floor to host a decent sized crowd and plenty of seating as well. The Red Owl side is a lot smaller but also has a full bar, pool table and a decent sized dance floor. It is a good spot to go if you want to listen to the resident DJ and get away from the larger crowd.

Bartending: The drinks in both Club Red and Red Owl are well made and stiff. The pries are decent as well and it doesn't take long to get your drink most of the time. It can take a while though if the Club is at full capacity.

Parking & Admission: Admission depends on the event on any given night. Parking can be tough sometimes. If the club is packed it may take a while to find parking because the plaza parking gets full.
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